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Tracking the ISS

Tyneside, UK
2022 Sep 28
Wednesday, Day 271

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Separation of Progress M-06M and ISS - 2010 Jul 2-4

Weather in Europe and North America conspired against visual observation but the pair were seen by several people as reported via 'Twitter' and Seesat-L. Two Seesat-L reports contained timings.

This is a plot of separation measurement in terms of time. The radio observations are all from Lincoln in the UK. The visuals are from Portsmouth in the UK (Eddie Lyons), Near London (photograph taken by Adam Horn), and Michigan?, USA (Don).

You can find Adam Horn's photo displayed on Flikr. The exposure was 15 seconds so it was a reasonably simple process to estimate the interval between the ends of the Progress and ISS trails. The only complicating factor was the start of the Progress trail being behind cloud.

Separation 2010 Jul 4-5

The pair continued to drift relative to each other after this plot ran out. It is not shown because no further observations were possible before the second rendezvous and docking attempt. Progress fell back a few hundred kilometres behind the ISS and started the second, successful, approach from there.

Radio measurements of the separation are +/- 2 seconds, except for the very first one which is +/- 5 seconds. The diagram was updated after initial publication when the times of the thruster firings July 2 became known.
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