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Zenit - Korolyov's Legacy

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Voskhod Missions

Voskhod was a further evolution of the Korabl/Vostok line of piloted spacecraft. More missions were planned but the programme was dropped in favour of Soyuz.

There was another Voskhod-related mission. It can be found in the Zenit-4 list as Cosmos 59(1965-015A/1191). Because of the re-entry failure of Cosmos 57/Voskhod, there was no data available on the re-entry behaviour of the cabin with its attached airlock base. Cosmos 59 was equipped with a dummy airlock in the location of the one on Voskhod. Its effects on the aerodynamics could then be measured.

Cosmos 47 (Voskhod-3KV №2)       1964-062A       891
1964 Oct 6, 07:12 UTC
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Voskhod, 11A57
1964 Oct 06:  175 x 385 km,  64.6 deg,  90.2 min
Test mission prior to the first Voskhod flight. Successfully recovered.

Voskhod (Voskhod-3KV №3)       1964-065A       904
1964 Oct 12, 07:30 UTC
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Voskhod, 11A57
1964 Oct 12:  178 x 337 km,  64.8 deg,  89.7 min
Piloted space mssion carrying world's first multi-person crew of Vladimir Komarov, Boris Yegorov (a doctor) and Konstantin Feoktistov (spacecraft design engineer), successfully recovered.

Cosmos 57 (Voskhod-3KD №1)       1965-012A       1093
1965 Feb 22, 07:40 UTC
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Voskhod, 11A57
1965 Feb 22:  164 x 426 km,  64.8 deg,  90.5 min
Test mission prior to the Voskhod 2 flight. Objectives - test out the EVA suit and the inflatable EVA airlock. Both test were successful but when Cosmos 57 received two radio commands simultaneously, the onboard system set in motion a train of events that led to its disintegration through ignition of the auto-destruct system. As a result, it was not possible to measure the aerodynamic effects during re-entry of the airlock attachment ring. This was subsequently undertaken by Cosmos 59, a Zenit-4 spacecraft.
Re-entry Unsuccesful

Voskhod 2 (Voskhod-3KD №4)       1965-022A       1274
1965 Mar 18, 07:00 UTC
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Voskhod, 11A57
1965 Mar 18:  168 x 473 km,  64.8 deg,  91.0 min
Piloted spacecraft carrying Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev. Leonov became the first human being to exit from a spacecraft in orbit (the first EVA). Landing delayed by one circuit of the Earth when the primary retro-rocket failed to fire and the back-up system had to be used. The off-target landing meant that the crew had to remain with the spacecraft for a whole day before the recovery team arrived.

Cosmos 110 (Voskhod-3KV №5)       1966-015A       2070
1966 Feb 22, 20:09 UTC
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Voskhod, 11A57
1966 Feb 23:  193 x 880 km,  51.9 deg,  95.3 min
Voskhod spacrcraft carrying two dogs, Veterok and Ugolyok, and other specimens on a long duration mission. Successfully recovered.

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