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International Space Station

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2024 Jun 19
Wednesday, Day 171

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International Space Station

The International Space Station came into being 1998 December 13 at 20:25 GMT (15:25 EST, and December 14 at 00:25 in Moscow) when the Zarya/Unity combination was released into free flight by Space Shuttle Endeavour.

ISS in orbitThis diary chronicles the major activities in the first four years after the launch of Zarya. It is divided into sections representing major stages of building and occupation.

The headings in the left menu correspond with the following paragraphs.

Zarya and Unity - covers the first elements going into space and the work done by space shuttle crews in preparing the station for habitation.

Zvezda Arrives - the third module finds its way into space and links up with Zarya, Shuttle crews continue to build on to the station by adding the Z-1 Truss and connecting PMA-3 to Unity.

Expedition 1 - Bill Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev go aboard to become the station's first crew while Shuttle visits add further elements to the ISS including the Destiny module.

Expedition 2 - Yuri Usachev, James Voss and Susan Helms take over - 2001 March, and the US 'Quest' airlock arrives.

Expedition 3 - Culbertson, Dezhurov and Tyurin oversee the arrival of the Russian 'Pirs' airlock.

Expedition 4 - Onufrienko, Walz and Bursch - 2001 December, more spacewalks and construction continues.

Expedition 5 - Korzun, Whitson and Treschev arrive - 2002 June.
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